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Would you like to make your heating system more efficient? Is your boiler making strange noises and you are not sure what to do? Maybe your radiators are not as hot as they should be. Our heating engineers can help!

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Power flushing is an efficient and effective way of improving the efficiency of your central heating system. By forcibly cleaning the system using water and cleansing chemicals at a high velocity but low pressure, all sludge, rust, and limescale that may be blocking pipes or causing leaks is removed. This maximises your system’s efficiency and reduces the chances of a system breakdown.

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Signs that you might need power flush: Ask these questions

There are some important signs that you may need power flushing. Over time sludge and debris can build up and cause blockages and slow your system down. A power flush is an important process and can eliminate these issues.

  • Do your radiators have cold spots or are they slow to heat up?
  • Are your radiators or boiler noisy?
  • When you bleed your radiators, is the water discoloured?
  • Is your boiler constantly breaking down?
  • Does your boiler regularly shut down and need restarting?
  • Does no water escape when you bleed the radiators?
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The benefits of power flushing

Even if you have your boiler serviced regularly, we recommend periodic power flushing to stop blockages and prolong the life of your boiler. After a power flush, your system will be restored to a nearly-new condition.

You will notice the benefits immediately. Your system will fun more efficiently, will increased circulation, and decreased energy bills. Any strange noises will be gone and your home will heat up quicker. You will find that hot water flows more reliably and evenly and you will have less need for boiler repairs. It is a quick and simple process, so get in touch to find out more.

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Central heating inhibitors

The best heating systems will work fast, keep us warm and cosy, and ensure energy efficiency. Alongside all boiler services and power flushing, we also supply and add central heating inhibitors to your system.

Made from chemicals in a liquid form, inhibitors protect your system by clearing away debris and corrosion in the system. Over time, you will save money on new boiler parts and any breakdown of components.

  • Inhibitors will prevent costly breakdowns because they will stop the development of rust, dirt, and other sludge-like substances that can lead to blockages, corrosion, and expensive repairs.
  • The build-up in pipes is what stops water from flowing efficiently, leading to your system having to work harder for the same results. The addition of inhibitors can reduce this and keep your bills low.
  • Many manufacturers’ guarantees state that they are only valid with certain maintenance, including inhibitors each year. Therefore, this can keep any warranty valid.

Protect your central heating system

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